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How to build confidence on data

We have sourced the data from various tools into a warehouse. From the Data Warehouse Business Analysts create data models to represent their needs to represent the data in a way suitable to make decisions.

Analysts analysis is based on the assumption that the sourced data is clean and rid of duplicates.

What is Clean data?

Picture shows the unclean data which needs to be cleaned

Unclean data

Unclean data

We can discuss how to clean the data in next post


Here we have some some trainings coming along

2014 Global Cost of Data Breach Study
How much can a data breach cost? And are you doing enough to prevent it from happening to you? The 2014 Global Cost of Data Breach Study from Ponemon Institute, sponsored by IBM, provides benchmark data based on actual experiences of more than 300 organizations. Read this critical research to know more:

How to Calculate Data Confidence
Register for this webinar to learn about compelling new research that identifies the critical criteria to measure and score confidence levels in customer data to make better business decisions:




Based on 2 scenarios, provide the case of requirement of data. But just providing data as it is will not be sufficient. It should be presented in a way that end-user will be able to deduce conclusions which is categorized as Information based on which decision are made.
We have various WIKI sites which give the definition of data and Information.

Information when matures leads to Knowledge. This gives end-user the confidence based on which a firm judgement is made.
we have few tools which assist the users to drive them to decisions with confidence.